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10 band LED light source
10 band LED light source

TEN band uniform forensic light source


Combines 10 forensic search colours into one compact battery operated held hand light source without using an optical filter.  
Main parameters:
  • Single lens outputs 10 band circular uniform light: without using an optical filter.
  • Simple button operation to toggle between different LED's
  • Voltage: 4.2V Battery capacity: 7,200mAh
White light operational time: 2.5 hrs
Multi-band operational time: 7 hrs
Power rating for visible LED's: 3W
Power rating for UV LED: 4W
Power rating for White light LED:12W
Wavelength parameters:
  • 517nm
  • 470nm
  • 500nm
  • 620nm
  • 635nm
  • 590nm
  • 370nm
  • 405nm
  • 415nm
  • White light: 6,000K
Diameter of multiband head: 90mm
Diameter of Uniform light head: 53mm
Diameter of cylinder: 45mm
total length: 287 mm
Weight: 1.56kg
For further information or a demonstration then please do not hesitate to contact us.
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