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SINGLE laser 8Watt Green or 14W Blue Forensic Laser
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SINGLE laser 8Watt Green or 14W Blue Forensic Laser

Introducing the BrightBeam SINGLE Laser, with the choice of eiither Blue or Green high power lasers suitable for the laboratory or crime scene use.


Basic features:-

  • 14 Watt Blue (445nm) or 8 Watt Green (532nm)
  • Uniform beam with speckle free illumination
  • 5 metre armored cable
  • Rugged design
  • Adjustable spot size from 15-35 cm at 0.5 metre working distance
  • Handheld controller unit for on/off, wavelength selection and power adjustment
  • Mains powered or optional battery for scene use
  • Battery operating time:- 120 mins Green and 360 mins for Blue
  • Range of accessories available including carry case and goggles


Applications:-Mini Blue or Green Forensic Laser

  • Latent fingerprints
  • Naturally fluorescent fingerprints
  • Body fluids
  • GSR
  • Bone fragments
  • Hair Fibres
  • Bruises



Safety Features:-

  • Laser safety interlocks
  • Dead mans handle (optional)
  • Key switch operation
  • Complies to EU safety regulations
  • Set of safety goggles with full protection and compatible for use with spectacles










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