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Low Cost Portable Blue/Green Dual wavelength Forensic Laser
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Low Cost Portable Blue/Green Dual wavelength Forensic Laser

The BrightBeam Dual Ultra allows the investigator to easily select 7 Watts of Blue or 7 Watts of Green at the touch of a button on the handpiece.  This system provides the ultimate versatility for crime scene examination.

Basic features:-

  • 7 Watt Blue (445 nm) and 7 Watt Green (525 nm)
  • Uniform beam and speckle free illumination
  • 2 metre armored cable
  • Rugged design
  • Lightweight design 7.7 kg ideal for the crime scene
  • Handheld controller unit for on/off, wavelength selection and power adjustment
  • Re-chargeable battery for scene use with up to 150 mins operation
  • Range of accessories available including carry case and goggles


Applications:-Mini Blue or Green Forensic Laser

  • Latent fingerprints
  • Naturally fluorescent fingerprints
  • Body fluids
  • GSR
  • Bone fragments
  • Hair Fibres
  • Bruises



Safety features:-

  • Laser safety interlocks
  • Dead mans handle (optional)
  • Key switch operation
  • Complies to EU safety regulations
  • Set of safety goggles with full protection and compatible for use with spectacles



















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