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CERA LT - The SceneDischarged cartridge cases have long been gathered at crime scenes such as homicides, robberies and burglaries however, it is rare to find fingerprints as any deposits are usually destroyed when the weapon is fired. 

Some casings though, may have some corrosion left by fingerprint sweat which can be viewed under the correct light and magnification.

For years examiners have tried many different techniques to reveal prints on discharged casings with little or no success.


The new CERA LT is here to change this.

CERA LT is a semi-automated forensic optical system designed to aid in the recovery of fingerprint evidence on cartridge casings and other cylindrical objects.

The new CERA LT has been developed through extensive research and development of the original CERA system which used the revolutionary technique by Dr.John Bond of enhancing corrosive fingerprint detail on cartridge casings using a special carbon powder and high voltage electrostatic charge.

CERA LT - The MachineConsolite Forensics has been able to develop the latest CERA LT without the use of complex powder and high voltage systems, yet still capable of enhancing and capturing even the most difficult prints from a curved surface.

“The electrostatic process has always relied on the presence of particular corrosion products to successfully enhance fingerprint corrosion and has provided a compliment to optical methods.  Now, the CERA LT optical system provides superior imaging of the surface of the cartridge, including any corrosion, so as to remove the need for the electrostatic process”. 
Dr John W Bond OBE

The compact CERA LT achieves this purely through its advanced optical system and simple to use software called CFIS.

The system has also been designed to image other cylindrical items such as syringes or pens which may have been powered or cyanoacrylate fumed and dyed.

New features include the ability to capture and compare ballistic information from the breech face of a cartridge. The new brush holding system allows a full range of cartridges to be inspected for firing pin impressions and also ejector marks



  • Fully integrated high resolution colour camera
  • Custom-built high performance optimised lens
  • Unique high intensity LED lighting systems
  • Automated six position long pass filter wheel - 495nm, 530nm, 550nm, 570nm, 590nm
  • Impact and chemically resistant housing


CERA LT - The ProcessThe operation of CERA LT has been designed to be quick and easy with minimal training and expertise.

  1. Place your cartridge in the soft jaw holding system
  2. Illuminate the cartridge for live view
  3. Adjust lighting parameters to reveal and enhance print
  4. Image the circumference in one click
  5. Automatically stitch the images using pre-sets from drop down library
  6. Digitally enhance the image
  7. Add a detailed scale to any image
  8. Output to 1:1 printing or AFIS/IDENT 1 automatically at the correct scale
CERA LT - The Process


CERA LT - The Software







Consolite Forensics Imaging Software (CFIS)

CFIS has been specially developed to combine easy to use pre-sets with more advanced user defined controls.

The software allows the user full control of the machine with the ability to view and rotate cylindrical items whilst changing illumination settings.

Single or multiple images can be taken from around the circumference of the item and stitched, flattened and enhanced ready for output in a number of different formats.

The options of a Basic and Advanced mode ensures users with minimal photographic knowledge can still capture and enhance even the trickiest prints simply.

CERA LT - The SoftwareKey Features

  • Enhancement software - contrast enhancement, digital filters, scratch elimination and edge enhancement
  • Detailed movable X and Y axis scale
  • Fully traceable highly detailed audit trail
  • Image validation - authentication of original image
  • Undo/reload previous enhanced image states
  • Side by side comparisons
  • Fast Fourier Transform
  • Fluoresced imaging
  • Exports straight to 1:1, AFIS or IDENT1 formats
  • TIFF, BMP, jpeg, jpeg2 formats
  • Extensive pre-set cartridge library for easy stitching
  • Simultaneous image output to numerous sources
  • Court chart applications
  • Backup management to CD, DVD and network location


CERA LT - The Process

Dedicated PC and monitor are supplied with the machine with pre-loaded software, to provide the necessary processing power and optimum high resolution screen to operate CERA LT.



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