FSS Footprint scanning system
FSS Footprint scanning system

The FSS Footprint scanner System is a versatile system for scanning and digital capturing footprints at the crime scene.  The system relies on scattered light detection and works for a variety of footprint marks in dust, blood or wet marks.  It provides a quick and effective method of mark capture compared to Gel lifting.

The FSS is a non-destructive scanning device. The surface dust scattering light is spread over the space around the direction of reflected light of the same surface. Base on this knowledge, FSS only collects a part of scattering light and avoids the reflected light at the same time, so it has the great superiority of SNR, and the high sensitivity for the weak dust footprint. A lot of footprints on crime scene can be found by FSS while they are invisible with regular photography or electrostatic absorption.


Key Features:

  • Acquisition of difficult footprint, for example footprint interfered by background pattern, footprint on floor with high reflectivity, footprint can be observed only at a tilt angle.
  • High SNR, Due to background information weakened, the footprint image signal to noise ratio improved.
  • Multiple acquisition mode, special mode for the dust footprint, water footprint, flood footprint and some other footprint situation. Users only make a simple choice according to the site situation to acquire images.
  • High sensitivity, more sensitive than the electrostatic adsorption film for dust footprint.
  • All--weather operation, Camera and Lights are built in the same unit, FSS can work both day and night, not affected by external light source.
  • Nondestructive, with optical scanning imaging mode, FSS does not touch floor, does not destroy the scene.
  • Uniformity, pictures scanned by FSS have uniform illumination and good contrast.
  • Distortionless, there is no deformation problem caused by photography.
  • Automation, no experience and training required, one--click scanning imaging.
  • Built--in scale, FSS automatically draw the perimeter scale without placing a physical scale.



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