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Hot Print System for Thermal Receipts
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Hot Print System for Thermal Receipts

Thermal paper is increasingly used world-wide for such applications as till receipts, ATMs and boarding passes.

It is often recovered from crime scenes, but is usually not quick or simple to process without the use of chemicals and expertise.

Often chemicals processes can be volatile and will completely blacken the paper, removing the text and useful information from the receipt.

Consolite Forensics has designed a new system to automatically and consistently develop fingerprints on thermal paper in minutes, without the use of any chemicals.

HPS -  The Machine

The HPS is a revolutionary new patent pending system using thermal technology along with a unique optical detection system to ensure a fully controlled automated development method that doesn't turn the paper black.

The system requires minimal training and is operated with the push of a single button.
Volume crime can be processed quickly and simply and usually takes no longer than 3 minutes to process.

Fingerprints as old as 2 years have been developed and recovered, outperforming many other traditional techniques.

HPS -  The MachineSpecification

  • Unique optical sensing system
  • High intensity LED lighting system
  • Impact and chemically resistant housing
  • Supplied in a rugged carrying case for portability





HPS Video


The HPS is quick and easy to use with minimal training required.

The whole process takes 2-3 minutes and involves no pre-treatment.

  • Place the thermal paper into the HPS
  • One push of a button
  • The heat plate carefully heats the thermal paper
  • The optical system detects the slightest change
  • The cooling cycle begins
  • The mark is preserved


The evidence is now ready for image capture and enhancement using your regular photographic equipment.

The HPS does not affect the use of Ninhydrin to develop prints on the non-thermal side of the paper and DNA swabs can be taken before if required.


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HPS - The Process


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