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SceneView BV800
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SceneView BV800

The SCENEview BV800 is designed to assist SOCO's visualise blood and GSR at crime scenes.  It uses a camera and image intensifier to maximise the visibility of chemically treated evidence even in scenes that cannot be darkened perfectly. 

In addition the SCENEview BV800 incorporates an Infra-Red illumination source and IR sensitive camera to visualise larger areas of blood, for example on clothing, floors and carpets.  Larger areas of blood often absorb the IR light whilst the substrate reflects the IR, resulting in a clear area of contrast.

The SCENEview BV800 is a light weight, battery operated and field portable device that is suitable for either Scene or laboratory use.



Key hardware and software features:-

  • Capture and record JPEG images
  • Capture and record crime scene movies (AVI files)
  • Military grade residual light amplifier with up to 70,000X amplification and 1.3Mpixel camera
  • Additional 5 Mega pixel IR sensitive monochrome/colour camera
  • Auto focus with manual override
  • 6.5" colour touch panel display
  • Embedded PC for capturing and storing images
  • External connectivity to monitor, mouse, keyboard, pen drive via USB
  • Integrated 850nm IR illumination and red orientation light
  • Battery operated
  • Lightweight handheld device 2.1 Kg
  • Wide range of accessories



  • Visualise, capture and record blood stains quickly and easy
  • Use IR illumination for visualising blood and GSR on many surfaces
  • Use image intensifier mode for chemically treated blood (compatible with Bluestar, Luminol, Hemascene..)


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