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Superglue Fingerprint Development Cabinet 204LP
Superglue Fingerprint Development Cabinet 204LP

The Voigtlander Forensics 204L Superglue cabinet offers a high performance development cabinet for developing fingerprints on non-porous and semi porous surfaces. Its water filtration system provides an effective and low cost per cycle compared to traditional carbon activated filter systems.

Key advances of the 204L include:-

Water filtration system Fast effective removal of Cyanoacrylate at the end of the process by bubbling the superglue laden air through a water trap. The superglue is crystalised in the water and trapped with a low cost disposable filter.   

Low cost of ownership and minimal waste Very low operating cost with no need to replace expensive carbon based filter systems.  Only consumable is the glue itself and a low cost filter making the 204L one of the lowest cost cabinets on the market to run and operate.

Touch panel control To control humidty, temperature and cycle time.

Dual temperature operation  120C for Superglue and 230C for Polycyano  

Dual chamber system Unique design where cabinet can be partitoned to create a smaller fuming area within the larger chamber.  This is useful when fuming only a small number of items which results in faster processing times and less glue required.

UV-Decontamination Unit For easy elimination of DNA inside the cabinet, a short wave UV illumination unit can be fitted. The control system automatically detects, when the unit is placed inside.   

Easy clean design   The innovative design makes the cleaning and maintenance of the 204L system very simple

Clear visibility on the evidence at all times   Window with internal cabinet illumination

Low cost of ownership The system is very simple and easy to maintain.  The system is built from durable stainless steel which will not rust and provide many years of operation. Annual ISO17025 calibration costs are also low.



  • 900 mm (W) x 1400 mm (H) x 620 mm (external)
  • 580 mm (W) x 860 mm (H) x 410 mm (internal)
  • Volume 204 litres


Other standard size and custom sized cabinets available please ask for details

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