forensicGEM Universal DNA extraction chemistry kit
forensicGEM Universal DNA extraction chemistry kit

MicroGEM's forensicGEM Universal kit provides effortless DNA extraction for forensic saliva, blood and tissue samples 


samples including:




Storage Card (FTA)

Depending on your laboratory equipment and end-use application, MicroGEM offers two options:


1. Your Lab Equipment

MicroGEM's forensicGEM Universal Kit provides users with a single tube solution for extracting DNA from a variety of forensically-relevant human samples.

To use your lab’s existing thermocycler or liquid handler, choose the forensicGEM Universal Kit, optimized to extract DNA from liquid saliva, buccal swabs, stains and storage cards. Hands-off, single tube, temperature-controlled processing makes it possible to extract DNA in very small volumes and protects the integrity of the sample.

This kit produces single-stranded DNA suitable for STR, PCR, qPCR, and whole genome amplification.


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2. MicroGEM's PDQeX Nucleic Acid Extractor

The PDQeX Nucleic Acid Extractor simplifies molecular biology workflows.

MicroGEM’s PDQeX Nucleic Acid Extractor provides hands-off, single tube, temperature-controlled DNA extractions from saliva, with added capabilities to generate purified, double-stranded DNA. The purification is achieved within the innovative PDQeX tube. When the extraction is completed, DNA is automatically forced through the purification matrix with no loss of DNA. This method reduces contamination and significantly speeds up the entire extraction process to under 15 minutes.

This kit produces double-stranded DNA suitable for STR, PCR, and qPCR, and is ideal for high throughput screening.

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