Milu FW10 Footprint scanning system
Milu FW10 Footprint scanning system




The Milu FW10 Footprint scanner System is a versatile system for scanning and digital capturing footprints at the crime scene.  The system relies on scattered light detection and works for a variety of footprint marks in dust, blood or wet marks.  It provides a quick and effective method of mark capture compared to Gel lifting.

The system is a non-destructive scanning device. The surface dust scattering light is spread over the space around the direction of reflected light of the same surface. Based on this knowledge, the system only collects a part of scattering light and avoids the reflected light at the same time, so it has the great superiority of SNR, and the high sensitivity for the weak dust footprint. A lot of footprints on crime scene can be found by Milu FW10 while they are invisible with regular photography or electrostatic absorption.


Key Features
  • World’s first 1200dpi  intelligent and Contactless footwear scanning system for latent footwear scanning and meet the demand of identification
  • Superior optics with advanced design for exceptional footwear imaging for dust, bloody and wet footwear scanning 
  • One button to scan automatically
  • Tablet APP automatically controlled with User friendly GUI for image viewing and processing
  • Battery run up to  2 hours

Technical Data

  • Image acquisition area (LxW) 365 x 160 mm
  • Image file format
  • Battery run up to  2 hours
  • Image acquisition speed: less than 50s
  • Equipment weight: 7kg
  • Dimension:(LxWxH) 320 x 380 x 168 mm
  • Charge time: 2.5 hours
  • Battery: 18650 battery compartment that is swappable

Application Scenario

 The footwear at crime scene could be dust, bloody or wet and could be left on different substrates with versatile materials, different background. MiLu FW10 could easily scan the footwear image that is visible with naked eyes or discovered with footwear light source,  Besides, some difficult footwear that is invisible by footwear light source could also be capture without effort with FW10.


Dust Footwear left on artifical wood floor(Left)   Scaned footwear with FW10(Right)

     Footwear left on Ceramic (Left), Scaned footwear with FW10(Right)


 Footwear left on colorful artifical leather(Left) 

  Scaned footwear with FW10(Right)


Water footwear left on Marble( Left)

Scaned footwear with FW10(Right)



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