Portable superglue fingerprint development cabinet VCK30
Portable superglue fingerprint development cabinet VCK30

The Voigtlander Forensics portable superglue cabinet VCK30 is built within a Peli waterproof stormcase and provides 30 litre capacity chamber for fuming evidence at remote crime scenes.  It can be operated from a mains power supply or 12 V battery supply.


Key advances of the CYKO30 include:-

Low cost of ownership and minimal waste Low cost carbon activated filters which are simple to replace.

Touch panel control Multi-lingual operator guidance and touch panel control for humidty, temperature and cycle time.

Easy clean design   The innovative design makes the cleaning and maintenance of the VCK30 system very simple


Clear visibility on the evidence at all times   


  • 510 mm (W) x 385 mm (H) x 610 mm (external)
  • 370 mm (W) x 260 mm (H) x 320 mm (internal)
  • Volume 30 litres


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