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Fingerprint Comparison workstation
Fingerprint Comparison workstation



The dactyloscopy workstation for fingerprint imaging, processing, and comparison is built on combination of USB 3 monochromatic CMOS camera with high quality Schneider Kreuznach macro lens with fixed focal length providing excellent image quality without aberrations in the resolution range 600 – 2000 PPI. This imaging unit is mounted on the column with adjustable position of the camera. Objective is focused manually. The object is illuminated with a pair of LED panels with adjustable light temperature. Image capturing, calibration, processing, annotation, measurements, and comparison are integrated into the LUCIA Forensic software. Software supports newest PC hardware and software as Windows 10 operating system and 4k monitor.
There are 2 alternative cameras available providing different field of view. The image quality and resolution range is same.
There are 2 alternative stages – a stage with free working area and coarse and fine focusing and a stage with a baseboard with grid and coarse focusing only.


Available cameras
There are 2 cameras available for this application:
A) Basic: 5.0 MP CMOS USB3 camera, 2448 x 2048 px, pixel size 3.45 μm, 12 bit, up to 35 fps.
B) Large field of view (FOV): 12.3 MP CMOS USB3 camera, 4096 x 3000 px, pixel size 3.45 μm, 12 bit, up to 30 fps.
1 pair of LED panels with adjustable color temperature (3000 – 8000K) and power (up to 14 W each panel).


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