Full Spectrum Imaging System FSIS-II Lab
Full Spectrum Imaging System FSIS-II Lab



The Arrowhead Forensics FSIS-II is a full spectrum imaging system for revealing fingerprints.  The system comprises of illumination from UV 254nm to Visible to near Infra Red.  This innovative system is capable of locating, capturing and casework managing marks on a variety of substrates in a few seconds including glass, metal, wood, paper, thermal paper and even food items.
FSIS-II is the most advanced forensic image capturing system in the world. The FSIS-II features a patented 20MP digital camera with 50mm quartz UV lens. Now, for the first time, the new FSIS can capture an image in FULL COLOR in 5K! With over 20 megapixels of resolution and sensitivity from 254nm to 1100nm, the FSIS-II can easily capture a full handprint at 1000 PPI (pixels per inch), and micro evidence up to 4,800 PPI. There is absolutely no limit to the various types of evidence that can be processed using the FSIS-II.
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Why full spectrum imaging?
Simply the answer to this question is that you reveal marks you haven't previously been able to detect with traditional techniques. Full spectrum imaging provides short and long range UV, visible and IR illumination along with instant background removal which allows for the detection of latent marks much more easily. 
The in-built FSIS-II integration features extends imaging capabilities across a broad range of surfaces including the ability to capture ridge detail on curved surfaces, eliminating the potential for errors caused by photo-stitching processes.
High Dynamic Range (HDR) - Allows a single image to show detail in both dark and bright areas, verses needing to choose to expose for one or the other.  retain ridge detail in brighter parts of the image, while simultaneously revealing parts of the image that would have previously been too dark to see.
Background removal - with shortwave UV backgrounds are removed effortlessly.
Non Destructive way to analyse almost any piece of evidence.  This includes metals, plastics paper and even food items.
Kit includes:-
  • Apple iMac All-In-One Computer (running Windows 10) Intel Six-Core 3.2GHz, 8GB RAM, 1TB Hard Drive, with a 27 inch 5120 x 2880 pixel (5K) display, a wireless mouse and keyboard
  • 20MP Digital FSIS-II camera, w/ 20 Megapixel resolution able to image a 5.4" by 3.6" area with 1000 PPI resolution from 254nm to 1100nm. Able to capture FULL COLOR 24 bit images (60MB file size). Camera is pre-threaded for optional tripod mounting.
  • Patented Curved Surface Software
  • Integrated Foot Pedal (for hands-free image capture)
  • Articulating Camera Arm
  • Flexible Arm for Light Source
  • 50mm UV Lens with Universal Filter Holder
  • 365nm UV Bandpass Filter
  • 445nm Blue Bandpass Filter
  • 695nm IR Filter
  • 3 Position Filter Slider includes: 254nm UV, 550nm Orange, 830nm IR Filter
  • Shortwave (254nm) UV Light
  • 3 watt, 365nm (UV) LED Forensic light
  • 3 watt, 455nm (Blue) LED Forensic light
  • 3 watt, 525nm (Green) LED Forensic light
  • 3 watt, 625nm (Red) LED Forensic light
  • 3 watt, 850nm (IR) LED Forensic light
  • Chargers for Flashlights (12V, 100-240VAC)
  • UV Face shield
  • UV and Orange Goggles
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • *Extended Warranty available upon request

Other configurations available

In addition to the laboratory system we are also able to provide a two portable systems of the FSIS-II.  These systems are easily transportable for deployment either at the crime scene or for intelligence operations.




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