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MEGAfume superglue development cabinets

The Attestor Forensics MEGAfume Superglue cabinet is a modern and  innovative system with intelligent filter monitoring, colour touch panel control, with a distinct focus on DNA safety, cleanliness, quality monitoring and standardisation.  Now available in 3 sizes benchtop, mid-size and extra large.

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MOBIfume scene of crime superglue system

The Attestor Forensics MOBIfume CSK71 is a state of the art mobile cyanoacrylate fuming system for developing fingerprints in fuming rooms or tents.  It's a fully scaleable and wireless system to effectively fume a crime scene with almost no limit in size.

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Specialised evidence fuming tent

The Attestor Forensics evidence fuming tent is a specialist tent for development of fingerprints of large objects such as vehicles.  The tent is quick to erect in 3 mins and is provided with a blackout interior with a white outer sunlight reflecting layer providing a cool interior.

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MINIfume portable superglue fingerprint development cabinet

The Attestor Forensics MINIfume Superglue cabinet offers a portable fuming cabinet that is ideal for crime scene vehicles and remote locations.  Ideal for knife, handguns, bottles.  

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Portable superglue fingerprint development cabinet VCK30

The Voigtlander Forensics VCK30 Superglue cabinet offers a portable 30 litre fuming cabinet that is ideal for crime scene vehicles and remote locations. It can operate on a 12V battery or mains power supply.

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Vacuum cyanoacrylate chamber

The Voigtlander Forensics vacuum cyanoacrylate superglue chamber offers a system for developing fingerprints with cyanoacrylate within a vacuum which provides an excellent method of developing prints for example on partially closed plastic bags, drugs wraps.

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