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Phenom GSR
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Phenom GSR


World's only desktop SEM for Automated Gunshot Residue Analysis




Gunshot residue analysis plays an important role in the determination if a firearm has been used in a crime.  Established GSR analysis techniques are based on the use of a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), which is used to scan the sample and find "suspect" GSR particles.  If a suspect particle is found, an Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) technique is used to indentify the elements in that particle. Most common search criteria are the presence of Pb, Sb, Ba. However, detection of Pb-free primters (such as Ti and Zn)  can be a requirement as well.


The Phenom GSR consists of the following 3 items:-

1) Automated GSR analysis and classification package

2) Phenom XL Scanning Electron Microscope

3) An Integrated EDS detector

Both software and hardware are fully integrated to enhance user-firendliness, reliability, and analysis speed. The GSR software complies with the current ASTM E1588 standards and is equipped with the standard layouts as provided by ENFSI.


Key features:-

  • Easy to Use GSR software        
  • ASTM E1588 compliant       
  • High throughtput and Speed     
  • Fully integrated elemental analysis (EDS)   
  • Never lost navigation    
  • Light optical magnification 3-16x    
  • Electron optical magnification range 80x to 100,000x   
  • Bright field / Dark field modes   
  • Long life time CeB6 source (>1500 hrs)   
  • Accerlation voltages 4.8kV-20.5kV
  • Resolution 20nm at 10kV   
  • Sample up to 30 x 12mm GSR pin stubs (holder accomodates 36 stubs)   
  • 100mm x 100mm fully motorized x,y,z stage   
  • Wide range of forensic applications   



Fully integrated EDS

Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) allows users to analyze the chemical composition of their samples.  Detailed chemical composition can be obtained from a micro volume via a spot analysis.  Elemental distribution can be visualised with the elemental mapping option. 


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