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LABview BV900
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LABview BV900

The LABview BV900 is designed to for the laboratory to aid the screening and detection of Blood and GSR

Based on the popular crime scene product the SceneView BV800 the LABView system uses a 10Mpix camera and image intensifier to maximise the visibility of chemically treated evidence. In addition the LABview incorporates an Infra-Red illumination source and IR sensitive camera to visualise larger areas of blood, for example on clothing, floors and carpets.  Larger areas of blood often absorb the IR light whilst the substrate reflects the IR, resulting in a clear area of contrast.

Also for other types of evidence, e.g. body fluids or chemically treated fingerprints (e.g. Ninhydrin, DFO or Indandione) as well as various sorts of fluorescent evidence material, LABview can also be used. This is enabled by an integrated and customisable filter wheel. It is possible to use light sources available in the laboratory. We are though also happy to provide suitable illumination as a part of the LABview system. 

Key hardware and software features:-

  • Quick, simple Blood search detection system for untreated and chemically treated blood using IR and residual light amplification
  • Reveals GSR using IR illumination
  • Various mounting options including:-
  • Standard laboratory copy stand
  • Large coverage examination bench with stainless steel workarea and HEPA downdraft filtering (EVIscreen option)
  • Bespoke camera column that can be wall or table mounted
  • Customisable filter wheel
  • Integrated 10 inch touch screen
  • Embedded PC
  • Basic functions such as focus and image capture integrated into ergonomic handles
  • Link to larger monitor and remote control operation
  • Capture and record JPEG images
  • Capture and record crime scene movies (AVI files)



  • Visualise, capture and record blood stains quickly and easy
  • Use IR illumination for visualising blood and GSR on many surfaces
  • Use image intensifier mode for chemically treated blood (compatible with Bluestar, Luminol, Hemascene..)



The system can be mounted on a standard lab stand (see second image from top). For the screening of larger pieces of evidence operation in combination with EVIscreen is recommended.

EVIscreen is a modular and highly customisable concept of evidence screening stands. A special camera arm allows moving a camera system or LABview parallel along a surface that needs to be screened without continuous re-focussing. 


Please find here a short Video, showing LABview in combination with EVIscreen.

Product Video

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