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CLIMS - Criminal forensic Laboratory Management System
CLIMS - Criminal forensic Laboratory Management System


CLIMS Forensic Laboratory management system


CLIMS - Forensic Laboratory Information Management System is a complete case management platform to provide chain of custody together with DNA and Narcotic Bank/Matching features. CLIMS is;
  • Easy to install, easy to use and most powerful solution to manage your laboratory
  • A tool for Case and Workflow Management for all your laboratory branches
  • (Digital Forensic, Ballistics, Biology, Chemistry, DNA, Fingerprint, Q. Document etc.)
  • Fast and accurate reporting tool together with staff/equipment monitoring capabilities
  • ISO 17025, ENFSI and ASCLD compliant to work and report in world standards and in a secure environment
  • Equipped with Document, Fixed Asset, Maintenance and Consumables Management modules
  • Equipped with Mailing and Calendaring subsystem
  • Equipped with various data banks of evidences (Serial Numbers of Weapons, Banknotes, Passports, Engines, Social Security No’s) with real time matching
  • Ready for Integration with laboratory equipment and other software
  • Module Based Solution suitable for various sized laboratories
  • Equipped with Optional DVI (Disaster Victim Identification) module Multilingual (Arabic, English and Turkish languages are already available)
  • Fully integrated with several CLIMS Modules like DNA/Narcotic Banking, Kinship Analysis,
  • CSI, DVI etc.


  • Real Time DNA Banking, Matching and Contamination warning
  • High, Moderate and Low stringency searches
  • Ready for National DNA Bank (National CODIS)
  • Mobile solutions for National DNA Banking
  • Full Rack Process Management including Extraction, Quantification, PCR and Electrophoresis
  • Integration with HID Real-Time PCR Analysis Software
  • Integration with GeneMapper® ID-X Software
  • Integration with Hamilton Robotics’ AutoLys Star and ID Starlet
  • Ready for integration with new DNA equipment and software
  • Full support for widely used kit vendors
  • Full integration with CLIMS Kinship & Paternity Analysis
  • Powering workfl ow by smart labelling methods on tubes and racks
  • Workfl ow management of Sample preparation, extraction, DNA quantification,
  • PCR Amplification, Genetic Analysis and data interpretation
CLIMS - KINSHIP and paternity
  • GUI Interface for easy to use
  • Drawing Interface for forming null hypothesis and alternative hypothesis
  • Automatic generation of null and alternative hypothesis drawings
  • Automated reporting
  • Full Integration with CLIMS DNA & Case workfl ow processes
  • Parent-Child analysis (Trio and duo cases)
  • Complex kinship analysis
  • Familial search from DNA database for parent/child and siblings relations
  • Full Siblings, Half Siblings, Grandparent & Grandchild, Uncle & Niece/Nephew,
  • First Cousins, Second Cousins analysis

CLIMS - Narcotic

  • Unique solution for National Drug Profile Bank
  • A unique tool to help for identifying the Origin of Drugs by profiling the impurities
  • Link Generation between seizures in different locations to investigate the distribution network
  • Tool to analyze Trends in the Possible Manufacture and distribution of illegal drugs within the country
  • Distance Calculation using three different distance algorithms
  • Graphical representation for Impurity Comparison
  • Full Integration with CLIMS workfl ow processes.


  • A Mobile Tool for processing case and evidence data at crime scene
  • On site Automatic Report Generation
  • Standardization of CSI processes through all CSI Teams
  • Baseline to ISO 17020 Accreditation for Crime Scene Investigation
  • Performance Monitoring of crime scene experts
  • Real Time Monitoring from headquarters
  • Powering CSI processes by Smart Labelling methods at crime scene
  • Full Integration With CLIMS workfl ow processes

TRAINING and consultancy

Standard and custom designed training programs and consultancy for following branches;
  • Digital Forensic
  • DNA
  • Chemistry
  • Ballistics
  • Fingerprint
  • Forensic Medicine
  • Questioned Document
  • Audio/Video
  • Technical Photography
  • Marks
  • CSI
  • K9
Verisis is ready for the following consultancy and training projects of Forensic Laboratories
  • Planning
  • Architecture
  • Furnishing
  • Equipment planning
  • Installing the equipment
  • Planning Human resources
  • Planning the workfl ow
  • ISO 17025


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