Laser and forensic LED light source goggles
Laser and forensic LED light source goggles


ForenteQ offer a wide range of Laser rated safety goggles and protective eye wear for forensic LED light sources.  A wide range of frame types to choose from including over spectacles and wrap-around.

Laser Goggles:-

- Laser Class 4 rated OD safety goggles either for 445nm Blue laser (long pass filter)  or 525/532nm Green laser (long pass filter) Green laser.  
- CE Certified and EN 207:2017 compliant
 - Prices start from £185 each 

Forensic LED Light Source Goggles:-

- UV and IR safety goggles
- Long pass goggles wavelength matched for for violet 405nm, blue 450 nm, blue/green 470nm , cyan 505nm, Green 530nm
- CE certified
- Prices start from £65 each 
Please contact us for further information on frame types, filters.

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