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LABview BV900

The Attestor Forensics LABview BV900 system is for evidence screening of blood stains, BPA, fibres hairs and body fluids. The system is provided with a range of stands and wall mounts.  For blood it is especially capable of revealing untreated and chemically treated blood at low concentration levels.

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Fortelite Anti-stokes fingerprint imager

The Lumos Technology Fortelite.  The worlds first portable IR LED lighting system for visualisation of fingeprints treated with anti-stokes powders.

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Motorised downdraft photography workstation

The Attestor Forensics PHOTOvent LH151 provides a professional photography workstation with downdraft filtering and motorised precision camera positioning and  table height adjustment.  The system also comprises of a lighting and accessory shelf with mains power rail. 

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AgileLite fingerprint photography system

The Lumos Agilelite system speeds up the process of evidence capture with a powerful LED lighting ring camera attachment for visible and fluorescent 1:1 scaled photography.

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Micro shoot evidence imaging system

The Lumos Micro Shoot system is a ring shaped lighting attachment which connects to the end of digital camera.  It provides magnified x60 or x120 images of fluorescent items quickly and easily removing background light.

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SEMA UV660 covert hand contact markers

The SEMA UV660 is a colourless covert contact marker for marking banknotes door handles and other objects.  It transfers to the suspects hands and provides a long lasting transfer which will fluoresce red under UV light.

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SEMA covert floor markers

The SEMA INFRA19 is a covert marker for marking floors with an invisible layer of colourless non hazardous substance.  It transfers to the suspects sole of the shoe and provides a long lasting transfer which will fluoresce red under UV light.

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