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Forensic Magnifier with Integrated Camera
Forensic Magnifier with Integrated Camera

The Forensic Magnifier with Integrated camera is a simple to use USB powered magnifier with up to 9 integrated light sources for rapid authentication of ID cards, passports, currency and fingerprints.  The system directly connects via USB to your computer or laptop (Win 7 and Win 10 compatible).  The image from the integrated camera provides crisp, clear images of the document with the added ability image security features beyond the visible spectrum (IR) 

The magnifier can provide a simple tool for visually verifying:-

  • Micro-print
  • Alterations to documents
  • Intaglio and embossed print 
  • IR security features
  • UV security print in passports, ID cards and currency
  • Anti-stokes security features
  • Fingerprints



forensic magnifier HS525

2 different models are available as listed below:-

Model HS520 includes White light, IR illumination and UVA 365nm

Model HS525 includes White light, IR illumination, UVA 365nm, UVC 254nm, Antistokes 980nm and Blue light 470nm


Choice of light includes 

White Light source: Offers 3 white lights diffuse white light, white side light, 90°inter crossed white light.

Infra Red (IR): 850nm

Blue illumination: 470nm

Long wave UVA: 365nm

Short wave UVC: 254nm * 

Anti-Stokes: 980nm laser


* Note 254nm is extremely harmful to the eyes and skin.  Never look directly at this light source when it is switched on and refrain from touching it.

Key Features:
  • 2 models to choose from
  • Directly connect to computer - plug and play
  • Elegant design and simple to use
  • Camera field of view 12mm x 9mm 30-50 x magnification
  • Power save mode (switches off when not in use)
  • CE certified and 1 year warranty
  • Compact size 95mm L x 65mm W x 52 mm H
  • Weight 70 grams
  • Powered via USB
  • Optional strap and carry case


Also available is a version of the document magnifier without an integrated camera.  Please click here for further details
For further information on this product and pricing please do not hesitate to contact us.


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