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LIGHTcube forensic light source
LIGHTcube forensic light source

LIGHTcube - the Modular forensic light source

LIGHTcube by Attestor Forensics is a modular light system with individually combinable and scalable modules. Each module features one particular wavelength and can be controlled (on/off and dimming) via a membrane panel. For increased versatility and budget economy. 
Key Features include:-
  • LIGHTcubes can be scaled (multiple modules of the same wavelength for more power) or combined (multiple modules of different wavelength for different tasks), easily be added at a later date or maybe used together with temporarily borrowed modules from other units. The top and bottom of each module features a mechanical quick release fastener. When clicking a LIGHTcube module to another or to a power adaptor, it automatically connects with power as well as to a control bus. 


  • For easy cleaning and to reduce DNA risks, LIGHTcubes are designed without a cooling fan. Also there is a cover for the quick release fastener and the power and bus socket which is simply clicked onto the last module. 


  • Available in wide range of specific wavelengths which are filtered for specific forneisc tasks such as body fluid examination and chemically treated fingerprint examination. Currently LIGHTcubes are available in 2 variants of white 5000K and 6500K, Ultra violet 365 nm, Violet 405 nm, Blue 447nm, Blue/Green 490 nm, Cyan 505 nm, Green 530 nm, Orange 570 nm and IR 850 nm. 


  • Uniform beam with no hot spots - ideal for examination and photography of evidence.
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