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SceneView BV800

The SceneView BV800 is a handheld instrument for rapid examination of visible and IR evidence. A versatile system for GSR, blood stain and spatter as well as fluorescent evidence. It's residual light amplifier is especially suited to enhance highly diluted blood.

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AgileLite IR Ring Light

The Lumos blood camera kit provides a powerful White+ 840 nm light that directly connects to any D-SLR camera. This provides a simple tool for illuminating and capturing blood and GSR at the crime scene.

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LABview BV900

The LABview BV900 system is for evidence screening of blood stain, BPA, fibres hairs and body fluids. For blood it is especially capable of revealing untreated and chemically treated blood at low concentration levels.

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OR-GQP5000 Scene of Crime imaging system

The OR-GQP5000 is a powerful imaging system for detecting fingerprints, body fluids and blood directly at the crime scene. Its a multi-wavelength device equipped with White, UV, Blue and Infra LED Illumination and corresponding filters that connects to a mobile phone via WiFi to enable storage of images.

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LSV2 Multi Wavelength Imaging System

The LEEDS Forensic LSV2 is a multi wavelength imaging tool used to view and capture and document bodily fluids, victim bruising, trace evidence, accelerants, explosives and GSR.

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