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PDQex 2400 - Forensic DNA extraction

The PDQeX 2400 is an automated, rapid, robust Forensic DNA extraction device that can achieve PCR and Human profile-ready DNA in under ten minutes. 

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forensicGEM - Manual extraction

forensicGEM manual reagent kits extract DNA from a wide range of forensic samples including blood, saliva, buccal swab, semen stains. 

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PhytoGEM - Plant DNA extraction

ZyGEM has developed an automated and rapid simple technique for collecting cells from leaves, seeds, roots, stems and cotyledons while providing a storage option and generating PCR-ready DNA

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prepGEM Universal - Manual DNA extraction

prepGEM combines several original ZyGEM kits by providing buffers and protocals for saliva, buccal, dispersed cells, insect and most animal tissues.

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prepGEM bacteria - Manual DNA extraction

prepGEM Bacteria provides a manual extraction protocol for a wide range of bacteria types.  The kits works well for Gram +ve, Gram -ve, capsulated and mixed samples.

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RNAGEM tissue Plus

RNAGEM Tiisue Plus is ideal for preparing RNA from mammalian cell cluture, laser capture micro-dissections and FACS-prepared cell populations.

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