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PDQex 2400 - Automated DNA extraction

The microGEM PDQeX 2400 is an automated, rapid, robust multi use DNA extraction device that can achieve PCR and ready DNA for 24 samples in under 20 minutes. 

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forensicGEM Sperm DNA extraction kit

The forensicGEM Sperm DNA extraction kit from microGEM is a rapid kit for extracting DNA from tough sperm heads. 

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forensicGEM Universal DNA extraction chemistry kit

The microGEM forensicGEM Universal is a chemistry reagent DNA extraction kit  for a wide range of forensic samples including blood, saliva and buccal swabs.

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PDQex PhytoGEM - Plant DNA extraction

The microGEM PDQex PhytoGEM system is an automated and rapid simple technique for collecting cells from leaves, seeds, roots, stems and cotyledons while providing a storage option and generating PCR-ready DNA.

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prepGEM Universal - DNA extraction

The prepGEM Universal DNA extraction kit from microGEM combines several original MicroGEM kits by providing buffers and protocals for saliva, buccal, dispersed cells, insect and most animal tissues.

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prepGEM bacteria - DNA extraction

The microGEM prepGEM Bacteria provides a manual extraction protocol for a wide range of bacteria types.  The kits works well for Gram +ve, Gram -ve, capsulated and mixed samples.

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RNAGEM RNA Extraction kit

The microGEM RNAGEM RNA extraction kit is ideal for preparing RNA from mammalian cell cluture, laser capture micro-dissections and FACS-prepared cell populations.

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UVC Disinfection chamber

The LUMOS UVC Disinfection chamber provides an extremely fast and effective method of sterlizing objects including pathogens including COVID-19, H1N1, SARS, MERS, EBOLA. With sterliization times typically taking 30 seconds this this will maximise lab confidence and workflow.

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EN and CE Bio Safety Cabinet

The EN and CE certifed BIOBASE Biological safety cabinet  provides a large LCD display, automatic adjustable air speed with internal walls manufactured from from an anti rust stainlesss steel.

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PCR Cabinets

The BIOBASE range of PCR Cabinets provides a large LED display, UV Sterlization system, HEPA filter, Interlock and UV timer. A range of different models to choose from.

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