Fingerprint powder downdraft workstation
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Fingerprint powder downdraft workstation

- the self-contained downdraft filter workstation for fingerprint powder application
Working with fingerprint powders is a common occurrence in the field of forensics. While changes have been made to improve powders over the years to make them safer and produce higher quality prints, working with powder still involves the production of a great deal of dust that shouldn’t be inhaled.

POWDERado is a workstation that contributes to the health and safety at a fingerprint expert's workplace. It provides an automated filter system, entirely independent from on-site ventilation. It is a perfect alternative to conventional fume hoods.

The working surface of POWDERado is made from non-magnetic stainless steel. This is especially of benefit when working with magnetic fingerprint powders. Below the working surface sits a combination of a pre-filter fleece and a fine particulate dust cassette H13. The pre-filter keeps larger dust particles out of the H13 cassette, reducing how frequently the filter must be replaced. The system can also be fitted with an optional activated carbon fleece filter to reduce evidence odours. These features both improve workplace safety, and help reduce operating costs.














Key Features:

  • Stainless steel working surface
  • Pre-filter and fine particulate filtering
  • Integrated white light illuminations and optional UV illumination
  • Touch panel control
  • Closable side doors and lid to prevent dust release into the laboratory
  • Variable height control with optional electrical adjustment pillar stand


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