The Arrowhead Forensics CrimeCam Examiner+ system provides a powerful UV, Blue and White ring light camera attachment particularly suitable for imaging of body injuries and  fluorescent photography.


This Ring Light has a series of bright white, 395nm UV and 470nm blue LED lights that provide 360 degree shadow-free lighting. No need for mounting or holding another blue or UV ALS - this all in one light is designed to free hands for the photographer while still providing the bright, 470nm light that is desired for proper fluorescence of biologicals and 395nm UV viewing for bruise, bite mark, and biological evidence. This Ring Light kit features 4 sizes of adapter rings (52mm, 67mm, 72mm, and 77mm) which fit most standard Nikon and Canon cameras.


  • 1x UV/Blue/White Ring flash
  • 4x NiMH rechargeable batteries
  • 1x Battery Charger
  • 1x Orange barrier filter
  • 1x Yellow barrier filter
  • 1x Pair Orange goggles (Fit-Over) 
  • 1x Pair Orange goggles (Nylon Frame) 
  • 1x Pair Yellow goggles (Fit-Over) 
  • 1x Pair Yellowgoggles (Nylon Frame) 
  • 1x Protective Case 
  • 1x 52mm adapter (52-58) 
  • 1x 67mm adapter (67-58) 
  • 1x 72mm adapter (72-58)
  • 1x 77mm adapter (77-58)
    (custom adapter sizing available upon request)


  •  Back light dims after 15 seconds to save power
  • ON/OFF Power button for manual operation
  • LCD Battery Charge indicator
  • LCD Mode indicator 
  • Back Lit LCD control panel 
  • LEDs can be turned on Continuous ON 
  • Flash Selection: Left Half, Right Half, All 
  • Blue, UV or White LED selection •
  • 24 UV 395nm LEDs for forensic illumination 
  • 24 Blue 470nm LEDs for forensic illumination 
  • 16 Bright White LEDs for normal macro photography 
  • Camera Hot-Shoe Controlled Flash of Blue, UV or White LEDs
  • Auto-Off function turns Ring Light off after 15 minutes of inactivity 
  • 7 levels of Digitally controlled intensity of Blue, UV or White LEDs