HS3B Forensic Magnifier with Integrated Camera and Screen
HS3B Forensic Magnifier with Integrated Camera and Screen

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The HS3B Forensic Magnifier is a simple to use battery and mains operated magnifier with 7 integrated light sources for rapid authentication of ID cards, passports, currency and for visualising fingerprints. The magnifier has an integrated CMOS camera and 3 inch TFT screen for displaying the images.

The magnifier can provide a simple tool for visually verifying:-

  • Micro-print
  • Alterations to documents
  • Intaglio and embossed print 
  • UV security print in passports, ID cards and currency
  • Anti-stokes security features
  • Fingerprints

Key Features:

  • Integrated 5 Mega Pixel CMOS Camera
  • 3 inch high definition TFT-LCD screen
  • Low distortion IR lens
  • Bandpass filter for visible light
  • Long pass filter for IR light
  • Amplification factor x5, x60 and x100
  • Field of view (zoom range) 21 x 15 to 10 x 7mm
  • Integrated Rechargeable batteries for up to 2 hours use, rechargeable from UK plug or USB connection to PC/laptop
  • Internal 4GB memory for saving images in JPEG format.
  • USB2.0 connection for exporting images
  • Size: 96mm (L) x 78 mm (W) x 92 mm (H)
  • Weight 200 g
  • CE certified and RoHS compliant


Integrated lighting:

  • White + IR LED light incident
  • White + IR LED light side lighting (oblique lighting)
  • White + IR LED light 90 degree inter crossed
  • UVA 365 nm LED
  • UVC 254 nm LED
  • 980 nm laser (anti stokes)
  • 470nm blue LED light

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