Handheld 785nm RAMAN spectrometer
Handheld 785nm RAMAN spectrometer


Handheld Raman Spectrometer


Raman on Mobile, Library in Hands
Finder Edge ( FE ) is fast and compact Raman Spectrometer, ensure efficient processing ; It can be used by non-technical users to rapidly identify samples in the lab, warehouse etc. The non-contact analysis can be performed through transparent containers by Raman technology; Strong hardware performance and diversified library are your  reliable partner;

1. Small and convenient on-site inspection
2. Running capacity up to 6 hours
3. One-click recognition, all in control
Finder Edge is fully compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations ;
Complying with the following regulations and standards: Chinese Pharmacopoeia (General Rule 0421), American Pharmacopoeia 1120, European Pharmacopoeia 2.2.48
High-end customization, cloud monitoring
Appearance, software function, arithmetic requirement, sample rack and whole machine design can be customized, and complete application solutions can be matched to meet application requirements.
We can build a “Food and Drug Intelligent Supervision Platform” to effectively supervise the production, circulation and use of food and drug.
Cloud service-Intelligent regulatory platform

The operation process as below:

Cloud Services - applications without “edge” boundaries

Solve diverse application-side requirements
Food Safety
Illegal additives, residues ofagricultural and veterinary drugs,food additives, etc.
Identification of jewelry authenticity,dyeing identification, inclusion analysis, etc.
Petro&Chemical industry
Oil adulteration, oil quality analysis,chemical raw materials, intermediate and finished products testing
Pharmaceutical Industry
Identification of raw materials and accessories, additives of traditional Chinese medicine, detection of API active ingredients,qualitative identification and counterfeiting of drugs, etc.
Scientific archeology, narcotics analysis, security, biomedical diagnostics,, environment portection, process monitoring,led lighting, geology/mineralogy etc.


Laser Wavelength       785nm
Laser Output Power ≤450mW
Spectral Range 200-2000cm-1
Spectral Resolution 12cm-1
Connectivity Bluetooth and Wifi
Certification CE and ROHS
Collection Optics 10mm and 15mm focus lens
Laser Class Class 3B
Weight 0.48Kg
Size 18cm*8.85cm*3.3cm

Various types of samples tested

Application case

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