LIGHTcube forensic light source
LIGHTcube forensic light source

the new modular forensic light source

LIGHTcube forensic light sources are modular. They can be scaled and combined in many different ways and are compatible with a number of other systems. This system was specifically designed for forensic needs and can be used both in the lab and in the field.

Every module has a particular color of light. Each light can be adjusted manually via the control pad on the back of each module, allowing users to change the light angle and intensity of the light. Multiple modules can be attached to a single handle system and be used at once if desired. The quick connection system on every module makes it easy to quickly and securely attach new modules to a handle system. The handle system itself can be operated with a corded battery pack, or with a battery attached to the handle for a cordless setup. Our handle system can also connect via power cord to an outlet for benchtop use.

LIGHTcubes are designed to be easy to clean and DNA safe, so they are designed without cooling fans and vents that could blow evidence and displace it, or suck in debris that could later contaminate other evidence.

Modules can be ordered individually or as customizable kits. Thanks to their compatibility options, more modules and accessories can always be ordered later.
Key Features include:-
  • LIGHTcubes can be scaled (multiple modules of the same wavelength for more power) or combined (multiple modules of different wavelength for different tasks), easily be added at a later date or maybe used together with temporarily borrowed modules from other units. The top and bottom of each module features a mechanical quick release fastener. When clicking a LIGHTcube module to another or to a power adaptor, it automatically connects with power as well as to a control bus. 


  • For easy cleaning and to reduce DNA risks, LIGHTcubes are designed without a cooling fan. Also there is a cover for the quick release fastener and the power and bus socket which is simply clicked onto the last module. 


  • Available in wide range of specific wavelengths which are filtered for specific forneisc tasks such as body fluid examination and chemically treated fingerprint examination. Currently LIGHTcubes are available in 2 variants of white 5000K and 6500K, Ultra violet 365 nm, Violet 405 nm, Blue 447nm, Blue/Green 490 nm, Cyan 505 nm, Green 530 nm, Orange 570 nm and IR 850 nm. 


  • Uniform beam with no hot spots - ideal for examination and photography of evidence.
For further information or a demonstration then please do not hesitate to contact us.


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