LIGHTcube forensic light source
LIGHTcube forensic light source

the new modular forensic light source FOR THE LABORATORY AND CRIME SCENE

LIGHTcube forensic light sources are modular. They can be scaled and combined in many different ways and are compatible with a number of other systems. This system was specifically designed for forensic needs and can be used both in the lab and in the field.

Every module has a particular color of light. Each light can be adjusted manually via the control pad on the back of each module, allowing users to change the light angle and intensity of the light. Multiple modules can be attached to a single handle system and be used at once if desired. The quick connection system on every module makes it easy to quickly and securely attach new modules to a handle system. The handle system itself can be operated with a corded battery pack, or with a battery attached to the handle for a cordless setup. Our handle system can also connect via power cord to an outlet for benchtop use.

LIGHTcubes are designed to be easy to clean and DNA safe, so they are designed without cooling fans and vents that could blow evidence and displace it, or suck in debris that could later contaminate other evidence.

Modules can be ordered individually or as customizable kits. Thanks to their compatibility options, more modules and accessories can always be ordered later.
LIGHTcube kits
Crime Scene Kits:
- Specifically selected to include the light source equipment you need most at a crime scene
- These kits include light sources commonly used to examine scenes and evidence with a bright white light, and light source options for examining some other frequently encountered evidence like fibers and body fluids. For those who expect to often search for biological evidence, we recommend the biological evidence kits.
DNA/ Biological Evidence Kits:
- Biological evidence is often encountered at crime scenes and is often present on evidence that arrives at the lab. These kits will provide you with the most practical light sources for working with it.
- These kits include a variety of light sources useful in searching for and examining biological evidence such as semen, blood, urine, bone fragments, hair, and fibers. They can also be used to enhance the appearance of wounds, such as bite marks, lacerations, and bruising, and help differentiate blood spatter from insect artifacts such as fly spots.
Fingerprint Kits:
- Fingerprints are one of the most commonly collected types of evidence. Not only will this kit supply you with light sources to help you find prints, you will receive additional light sources ideal for examining prints that have been processed.
- These kits include a variety of colors that can be used to enhance contrast to change the appearance of shadows, make evidence lighter or darker against a background, or cause prints and other evidence to fluoresce, making it easier to examine and photograph.
Custom Kits:
- Don’t see what you’re looking for? We can modify existing kits or help you put together a custom kit with equipment selected specifically for your needs.
All modules and accessories can be ordered individually, but we also offer kits with a variety of pre-selected equipment, chosen for specific applications
Kit options
- For each application kit, we offer a BASIC version, and a PRO version. All kits come in a sturdy compact carry case and include a basic handle setup, complete with two rechargeable batteries, and any goggles you may need to use your light sources.
- The PRO kit expands your setup options beyond the basic handle system, and includes our cord adaptor, belt and shoulder strap pouch, tripod adaptor, and camera hot shoe
 adaptor. The PRO kit greatly expands how you can use your light sources and what you can use them for, both at a crime scene and at a lab.
- The colours contained in each kit are shown in the chart below. Each number corresponds to the primary wavelength a module emits, aside from the NW 6500 and DL 5000 
white lights, where this is the color temperature. You can always request a custom or additions to a kit as well.
- For photography using your own camera, you will need the corresponding filters for your light sources. These must be ordered separately, as different cameras require different filter sizes.
- *IR can be requested, but as specialized camera equipment is needed to use it, it is not included as a standard kit option.
For further information or a demonstration then please do not hesitate to contact us.



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