Specialised evidence fuming tent
Specialised evidence fuming tent

While MOBIfume can be used right at a crime scene, sometimes it’s necessary or useful to be able to create your own fuming room on the go. This gives you the option to fume many pieces of evidence in one space, or build a fuming room around a large piece of evidence, like a car, that might be difficult to transport.

For this, we offer a specialized fuming tent for cyanoacrylate fuming. Our fuming tents have been specially designed to be used with and produce high quality results with MOBIfume. Tents can be set up quickly and easily without tools, and fold down into compact storage bags.

We have designed these to come in two halves so users who need to build a fuming space around larger objects can simply connect the two halves of the tent in the middle to form one large fuming tent. A tent wall can also be attached to each half of the tent, so users can only utilize one half of the tent if they require a smaller fuming space, or a wall can be attached between the two halves to form a large tent with multiple fuming rooms.

Users who know that they may need to set up a tent at a location where the ground is uneven or damp can also choose to attach the durable tent floor panels. These provide a clean waterproof surface for evidence to sit on and better seal the fuming area to make evidence development more effective and predictable.

The tent exterior walls are white to reflect light and prevent the tent from becoming hot in sunny weather, but the inside has a blackout layer of material. This not only makes it easier to examine evidence when searching for fingerprints developed with fluorescent powder in particular, this layer is resistant to cyanoacrylate, making it easier to clean and decontaminate for better DNA safety.

The speed tent is available in with a 3 x 3m size or a double length tent of 6 x 3m - where 2 tents of 3 x 3m are ajoined together.  

The Speed Tent as the name suggests is quick and easy to erect in 3 mins and is designed with the forensic practioner in mind with all interior backout for forensic light examination and a white exterior with sunlight reflective coating to provide a cool working environment inside.


The fully functional basic kit features:

  • Blackout interior – alternate light source work environment
  • White exterior reflecting sunlight rays - Cool interior
  • Unique White exterior / Black interior Unique 600D material
  • Matt finish interior – reduced light reflection
  • Heavy-duty (Double layered material panels) Polyester/Nylon - PVC coated on the inside for easy cleaning (Anti-mildew and UV Stabilised) Non-conductive - Fibreglass framework
  • Tent joining facility – attach additional tent to increase tent area coverage
  • Rear door – Easy access when tents are adjoined together – additionally when placed against a wall
  • Mesh vents – covered – sidewalls – provides additional ventilation when required
  • Front & Rear removable telescopic support poles for added rigidity and strength
  • Covered inspection window
  • Lifting handles on exterior for easy manoeuvring of tents
  • Detachable Ground sheet
  • Logo attachment points
  • Flame retardant
  • No Loose components – Integrated frame and cover design
  • Robust Die cast central joints
  • Rubber protected feet for EXTENDED product life
  • 7off adjustable guy lines & Pegs
  • All spares & Repairs available incl. other manufactured products


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