MEGAfume superglue development cabinets
MEGAfume superglue development cabinets

- The cyanoacrylate fuming chamber for the development of fingerprints on non-porous surfaces

Cyanoacrylate (superglue) fuming is a method for developing fingerprints on non-porous surfaces, such as metal, glass, and plastics. Our MEGAfume series has been developed specifically for accredited laboratories that require high levels of safety, quality, and cleanliness for this task.

Our practical DNA-safe chambers come in 4 sizes:- a small benchtop size and 2 larger floor standing models as well as our latest portable unit.

All of our MEGAfume systems have a sleek and modern design, built to be easy to clean and provide and excellent well-lit view of evidence from any angle, with a user-friendly touch-panel display.





Key advances of the MEGAfume include:-


Innovative Interior Concept All inner side walls are made from seamless safety glass panels. The support rails on the side can be used with sturdy grills or freely distributable hanging and support rods (all made from stainless steel). Grills, rods and supports can be completely removed for easy cleaning.
Pre-programmable Cycles for different evidence types and chemicals (cyanoacrylate, liquid or in powder form, fluorescent or non-fluorescent) care for ease of use and consistent quality of print development. Parameters and timer can be adjusted by the user to his particular best practice rules. Alternatively the entire process can be controlled manually.
USB Process Data Logger  Like our forensic climate chamber NINcha, the MEGAfume features a data logger system, recording all parameters relevant to a development cycle for quality documentation.  This tool provides a graphical report which can ease the burden internal/external audits by providing auditors with a simple and easy to understand report of the conditions each evidence run has experienced.
Electro-mechanical door interlock  The large glass front door, which allows easy loading of the cabinet, is interlocked by the control system during the development process via an electro-mechanical locking mechanism. In combination with a high performance silicon seal this ensures secure and low maintenance closure of the cabinet.
UV Decontamination Unit (optional)  In addition to the easy cleanable surfaces an optionally available UV-C unit allows breaking up the DNA chains on interior surfaces to reduce the risk of cross contamination.

Low cost of ownership and minimal waste The new carbon activated sachet type filter insert reduces land fill waste, simple to replace and are low cost making the MEGAfume environmentally friendly and economic to operate. 

Touch panel control Multi-lingual operator guidance and touch panel control for humidity, temperature and cycle time.

Easy clean design   The innovative design makes the cleaning and maintenance of the MEGAfume system very simple. All shelves and internal parts can be removed for unhindered cleaning access

Clear visibility of the evidence at all times   All 4 sides are glass panels providing all round visibility of the evidence.  Internal LED lights on all 4 sides provide controllable directional illumination during the development process.


  • MINIfume: 68.5 cm (H) x 53 cm (W) x 36.5 cm (D) (external) click here for more details
  • MEGAfume S61: 95 cm (H) x 68 cm (W) x 75 cm (D) (external)
  • MEGAfume M61: 195 cm (H) x 68 cm (W) x 75 cm (D)  (external)
  • MEGAfume XL61: 207 cm (H) x 150 cm (W) x 103 cm (D)  (external)


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