Milu FS5 Handheld Fingerprint Gel-transfer Film Scanning System provide a new method to develop and capture latent fingerprint.

Firstly, colloidal material from the film could stick the remnants of the latent fingerprint and transfer the print onto the film, the film contains transferred fingerprint will be scanned by optical scanner to get a high resolution digitized print for further process and analysis.

Compare to other develop method like powdering/super glue/reagent spraying plus photographic imaging with light distribution, Gel-transfer Film Scanning System provide a total solution of  high efficient on-site fingerprint development and capture.

Key Feature:

* Suitable for irregular surfaces such as curved surfaces, edges and corners, avoiding background interference caused by roughness, reflections, patterns, etc.;
* 2 build-in LED light with 4 working mode, suitable for the extraction of sweat and oil fingerprint, complex fingerprint extraction such as dust and latent blood;
* Extract trace level evidence and DNA traces source synchronously, will not cause any damage to to the evidence
* DNA evidence extraction success rate is equal or better than the EZ_tape exfoliated cell stick extractor;
* High image resolution 1920*1200

Main Function:

* Auto exposure control
* Selectable scanning mode
* Build-in electronic ruler
* Image processing include grayscale convert/flipping/mirror
* Standard format image exportation


Case Study: