VisionX Firearms and tool marks comparison microscope
VisionX Firearms and tool marks comparison microscope



The Projectina VisionX is the first and only comparison microscope to integrate with IBIS® (Integrated Ballistic Identification System), making it the most powerful and effective ballistics analysis and confirmation tool in the industry.

And with years of superior optical expertise behind its design, VisionX provides unprecedented comfort and clarity—a difference you can feel as well as see.



VisionX uniquely combines comparison microscope technology with ballistic identification technology for confident results. With the capability to integrate crime scene evidence with forensic lab scrutiny, VisionX is the most powerful ballistics analysis and confirmation tool in the industry.

Available in three configurations:

  • Standalone
  • With multiuser support
  • Integrated with IBIS® (Integrated Ballistic Identification System)


  • Clear, simultaneous viewing through the binoculars or on-screen with the live camera
  • Synchronized, three-step magnification
  • refocus or re-centre over the entire range of magnification
  • Centralized lighting console
  • Synchronized, reproducible lighting
  • Motorized stages
  • Flexible lighting placement
  • Quick and easy swapping of accessories
  • Motorized height adjustment and constant 30-degree viewing angle
  • Superior stability while delivering a clean, uncluttered work area
  • Unprecedented working distance

Motorized Universal Holder


The VisionX Motorized Universal Holder provides freedom of rotation on three axes for full remote control of bullets, cartridge cases and more.



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