Regula 4308
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Regula 4308

The Regula 4308 is an advanced second line forensic spectral comparator. Top and bottom optical systems with high resolution 14MP and 12MP cameras. Two optical systems allow for viewing both the front and reverse sides of a page without flipping it over. Movable top optical system allows examining thick objects, such as books or artworks. 

The device is equipped with a high-resolution spectrometer, a hyperspectral imaging module, 3D imaging module, a light source for anti-Stokes luminescence, a motorized XY translation stage, modules for reading MRZs, RFID chips, hidden images (IPI), and 1D and 2D barcodes. Optical magnification is up to 320x. The device has 30 types of light sources and over 20 light filters. The XY translation stage allows for high-precision positioning with a step width of 0.01 mm along multiple axes and image stitching. The stitching mode helps to obtain the whole image of an A4 format in a single click.  A unique motorized oblique lighting system, which allows changing the light source's angle of incidence, gives a wide range of opportunities for examining the microrelief of a document in the visible and infrared spectrum range. The Regula Forensic Studio software enhances the efficiency of document analysis by giving total control over all comparator’s features. 





Best in class

Being the best in class for advanced document examination, Regula 4308 has been developed and produced with the use of the latest hi-tech innovations.

Its high functionality is achieved due to over 30 types of light sources, over 20 light filters, a self-developed precision optical system and 2 high-resolution cameras.

Technical innovations

The comparator allows working with large format documents. Due to side flaps and widened internal space examined objects can be conveniently placed inside.

The extended field of view and updated algorithms of image stitching make it easy to obtain the whole image of an A4 page.

A unique motorized system of oblique lighting, which allows changing the light source angle of incidence, provides a wide range of opportunities for examining microrelief of a document in the visible and infrared spectrum range.

Advanced algorithms of image capture

Advanced system for capturing high-resolution images preserves all tiny elements precious for further object examination.

New algorithms and the enhanced optical scheme make it possible to obtain a multi-focus image in one click. Such an image takes on a new level of detail as the whole frame turns out to be in focus independent of the size of its relief.


Regula Forensic Studio software is a key to outstanding performance of Regula 4308. It forms a duet of personal computer and the comparator and creates a laboratory for forensic examination. Efficient and intuitive interface of the software helps the user easily operate the device and manage obtained data.

Extended functionality of Regula Forensic Studio offers an extraordinary experience to those who are involved in security document analysis. Now it is possible to build a 3D-model of a document fragment. And this is what makes the difference when examining overlapping objects such as a signature and a stamp or a signature and some text.

In addition, it is worth taking advantage of the information reference system "Secure Documents Ultimate" which provides access to images and descriptions of documents and banknotes from all over the world. During the device lifetime, Regula Forensic Studio software is updated free of charge.



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