Revelation 577nm Yellow forensic laser
Revelation 577nm Yellow forensic laser



The Revelation 577nm forensic laser  is a portable forensic laser from Laser Innovations Ltd with 577nm emission providing 3.5 Watts of output power. Mounted in Peli case with its own integrated battery it is small enough for both crime scene and laboratory examination of Gentian Violet or latent prints.

Basic features:-

  • Wavelength 577 nm
  • Beam quality: Uniform speckle free illumination
  • Max output power: 3.5 W at 577 nm
  • Control: Power intensity 1W-Max
  • Dead man finger for safety control on/off
  • Mains power or battery operated
  • Battery operation time 2 hours typically
  • Weight 16Kg
  • Mounted in Peli case
  • Kit includes carry case goggles, camera filters with 62mm thread.



  • Latent fingerprints
  • Gentian Violet treated evidence
  • LCV treated footwear marks
  • Blood examination


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