Lumatec Superlite S04
Lumatec Superlite S04


THE PORTABLE and TUNEABLE LIGHT SOURCE FOR a WIDE range of forensic applications


10 powerful wavelengthS in one compact easy to use system

Built with quality and performance in mind, the SUPERLITE S 04 is a remarkably efficient illumination instrument that provides 10 discrete wavelengths from UV to Yellow via a liquid light guide and set of collimators. The wavelengths are easy to select and each waveband is fully adjustable in power.   Even for non-optimum dark room conditions the high intensity of the SUPERLITE S04 is able to clearly reveal forensic evidence aided by a unique set of optical accessories such as the line illuminator, forensic magnifier and transmitted light pad (as shown below). Also to note is the exceptional UV output with almost no visible light further increases the contrast. 


The SUPERLITE S 04 consumes very little power so it may be battery operated. It is also remarkably light and portable. You can connect many different light guides, including very slim, flexible attachments that enable you to inspect poorly accessible areas. We offer a wide range of accessories for applications in forensics such as fingerprint detection and photography. If you wish to learn more, we will be happy to tell you all about the many other options.



  • Extraordinarily high UV output
  • High energy efficiency for battery operation
  • Lights up trace evidence without compromising DNA
  • High contrast provided by a small amount of white light
  • Many optional accessories for utmost versatility 
  • Portable
  • Light guides protect users against radiation
  • Patented safety switch (dead mans handle) prevents inadvertent manual switching
  • Quiet fan
  • Slim, flexible light guide
  • Accepts various types of light guides 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.0m, 2.2m  and 2.8m












Also an optional optics set can be used with the Superlite S04 to shape the beam for other forensic applications.  These include an:

1) Optical magnifier - provides magnified images of evidence and provides a mechanism to use in combination with a DSLR camera for evidence capture. Long pass filters can be placed on top of the lens for magnified fluorscence viewing. 

2) Line illuminators for illuminating evidence such as fingerprint / shoeprint  impressions on flat surfaces or for gel lifted prints. 

3) Transmitted light illuminator for illuminating evidence such as watermarks on banknotes








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