TrasoScan Gel lift scanner
TrasoScan Gel lift scanner


Routine Scanning and Documentation



TrasoScan is a versatile system for examination of shoeprints, fingerprints, documents and other flat surfaces. Shoe soles and objects up to 22 cm of height can be scanned too using a close up lens. Objects as large as 107 x 71 mm can be displayed live on the screen. Larger objects up to 410 x 220 mm are scanned in high 1000 PPI resolution. The integrated vacuum table is suited for fixing the gelatine lifters, dust lifters, and paper which minimizes surface distortions and reflections.

The integrated software LUCIA Forensic enables to set the scanning quickly and save the settings to make it reproducible. The system is delivered with a set of customizable presets to make typical tasks straightforward. All scanned images including test prints and evidences are calibrated and can be archived automatically. Annotation, measurement, comparison, and reporting functions are also available. Images can be saved into the database and shared via network.


Maximal Variability of Sample Illumination

High illumination variability is provided by 3 pairs of multispectral LED panels illuminating the scene at angles of 12°, 45°, and 60°. In case of thick (high) objects, the LED panel motorization guarantees well defined and homogenous illumination. High power 453, 505, 520, 590, 617 nm + white LEDs included in the multispectral panel enable to visualize latent traces by luminiscence and to scan object in true color RGB. Polyspectral panel with 365, 405, 447, 480, 567, and 850 nm LEDs covers also UV and NIR regions. It also is possible to plug in a lightguide and use an external light source (Projectina, Polilight) for even wider range of excitation wavelengths. Emission filters with holders which can accommodate standard bandpass filters are provided and can be changed easily. HDR method can be used for objects with varying reflectivity while EDF method enables scanning of objects with varying depth


  • Resolution: 1000 PPI

  • Illumination: 3 pairs of high power LED panels with up to 120 W total power: Multispectral (453, 505, 520, 590, 617 nm + white), Polyspectral (365, 405, 447, 480, 567, and 850 nm), Mono (505, 590 nm)

  • Illumination angle: 12°, 45°, and 60°

  • Live image field of view: 107 x 71 mm

  • Scanning area: 410 x 220 mm

  • Accessories: shoe holder, set of emission filters (yellow, orange, red) with holders, set of close up lenses (0.25D, 0.5D, 1D, 1.5D)

  • PC Workstation: 64-bit high performance PC with Windows 10, 31.5" 4K UHD monitor












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