LABview BV900
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LABview BV900

- the laboratory evidence search and documentation system for blood, gunshot residue, bodyfluids and many more.

LABview is a completely autonomous laboratory camera and video system for the examination of evidence like body fluids, hair and fibers, GSR, and fingerprints. This system can be used to examine untreated evidence, or evidence already treated with developers like NIN, DFO, IND, or stains and powders.

LABview uses our modular LIGHTcube series to provide a range of light sources from UV to IR to give you the perfect lighting scenario for your evidence.

An automated filter wheel integrated with the system saves you time and ensures that you are always using the correct filter for your lighting and photography needs, giving you the best results.

LABview can also be equipped with a secondary light amplifier camera system like that used in SCENEview to increase sensitivity to developers like Luminol.



A powerful blood search system:-

Based on the popular crime scene product the SceneView BV800 the LABView BV900 system uses a 10Mpix camera and optional image intensifier to maximise the visibility of chemically treated evidence. In addition the LABview incorporates an Infra-Red illumination source and IR sensitive camera to visualise larger areas of blood, for example on clothing, floors and carpets.  Larger areas of blood often absorb the IR light whilst the substrate reflects the IR, resulting in a clear area of contrast. highly diluted blood can be detected with this system.

Biological evidence search:-

The modular approach to this system allows additional lighting modules to be added to the Labview.  Lighting modules are available in UV-365nm, Violet, Blue, Blue/Green and Green.  These lights are combined with long pass filters for detection of fluorescent evidence material such as biological traces. This is enabled by an integrated and customisable filter wheel so with the click of a button a particular light module can be activated and the filter wheel automatically chooses the corresonding filter.


Key hardware and software features:-

  • Quick, simple evidence search system for wide range of evidential materials including fibres, hairs, saliva, semen, urine and untreated and chemically treated blood
  • Modular design to accomodate additional lighting modules for wider range of evidence screening
  • Various mounting options including:-
  • Standard laboratory copy stand
  • Large coverage examination bench with stainless steel workarea and HEPA downdraft filtering (EVIscreen option)
  • Bespoke camera column that can be wall or table mounted
  • Customisable filter wheel
  • Integrated 10 inch touch screen
  • 10 Mpx Camera visible and near IR sensititive camera
  • UV-visible-IR range of modular light sources, adjustable in intensity and direction
  • Embedded PC
  • Basic functions such as focus and image capture integrated into ergonomic handles
  • Link to larger monitor and remote control operation
  • Capture and record JPEG images
  • Capture and record crime scene movies (AVI files)



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