DFO/Ninhydrin/Indandione test strips
DFO/Ninhydrin/Indandione test strips

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The SEMA NIN/DFO/IND test strips provide a low cost and effective method of validating chemical effectiveness prior to starting the developing process.

These are designed to test the correct amino acids reagents are present in the chemical treatment and at the correct concentration level.  Very simply dip the test strip into either your NIN, DFO or Indandione solution and the examination process is the same is you currently do (i.e visible staining for NIN and fluorescence examination with the corresponding light source for DFO and IND).  

The strips are marked with a gradient scale level from 1/10 to 1/10,000.  The designation levels on the strips 1/10 means 1 part amino acid + 10 parts water or 0,1% and so on up to 1/10,000 so it’s a scale to indicate the effectiveness of the chemical.  

Its aimed at being a quick easy and low cost test to eliminate potential ‘poor quality’ chemicals from being used in the development process and a useful validation tool that can be used for within the laboratory validation process.


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