NINcha P31 - Portable NIN/DFO/IND chamber
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NINcha P31 - Portable NIN/DFO/IND chamber

The Attestor Forensics NINcha P31 offers a portable system built within a waterproof peli case for developing fingerprints using Ninhydrin, DFO or Indandione.  The compact size makes the cabinet ideal for use in crime scene vehicles and remote locations.  

This suitcase model can be used with all the same developers as the larger standing models. The interior chamber was are easy to clean stainless steel, as are the evidence racks. The removable chamber evidence racks can hold evidence as large as two sheets of size DIN-A4 paper.

The control system has all the features of the larger models, including the datalogger system, for documentation and quality control. The system also has the same custom and pre-programmed cycles, making evidence development quick and easy. The door of the chamber has a large glass panel so evidence development can easily be monitored throughout the entire process. The door is automatically locked while cycles are running to prevent evidence from being disturbed by unauthorized individuals.

Key advances of the NINCha include:-

Rapid fingerprint processing with high workflow rates Fast recovery times for Ninhydrin, DFO and Indandione.  Operates within UK FVM requirements at 80 Celsius and 62 % RH for Ninhydrin development.

Pre-Programmed Treatment Cycles for Ninhydrin, DFO and Indandione ensure simple operation and consistently high quality of evidence development. Parameters and timers can be adjusted by a user to his/her demands vi a touch panel control. In addition a manual mode is available.  

USB Data Logger  Records date, time, temperature and humidity settings in 30 second intervals.  Data can be plotted graphically. 

Compact size Built within a Peli waterproof transport case with telescopic handle and wheels the NINcha P31 can be transported to the scene of crime or used within a crime scene vehicle. 

UV-Decontamination Unit For easy elimination of DNA inside the cabinet, a short wave UV illumination unit can be fitted. The control system automatically detects, when the unit is placed inside.  

Internal Water Tank  Integrated into the cabinet is a tank for distilled water.

Easy clean design   The innovative design makes the cleaning and maintenance of the NINcha system very simple

Clear visibility on the evidence at all times   The unique design minimises condensation build up on the window allowing the user to monitor the development process at all times

Low cost of ownership The system is very simple and easy to maintain.  The system is built from durable stainless steel which will not rust and provide many years of operation. Annual calibration costs are also very low.


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