Regula 2303
Regula 2303

The Regula 2303 is a dedicated instrument for high quality visualisation and capture of holograms (DOVIDS).   

Regula 2303 is made as a single unit for desktop use. The device is used with a PC and controlled via the Regula Forensic Studio software (supplied with the device).

The device can be optionally supplied with a visualizer of covert laser readable images in holograms Regula 2305. The latter is equipped with two high-intensity coherent light sources (lasers) activated in turn.

Functionality (automated authenticity verification)

  • Examination of hologram structure by evaluating the parameters (spacing and orientation) of the diffraction gratings it consists of
  • Creation of a database of reference hologram descriptions
  • Authenticity control of a hologram by comparing its structure with a reference description
  • Quality control of a hologram by estimating the variation of the diffraction efficiency of the examined sample when compared to the reference value
  • Control of the correctness of hologram image formation under different illumination (visualization) conditions


Functionality (visualization):

The device enables to

  • obtain:
    • holographic images from different illumination angles in a wide range of resolutions (from 710 to 24130 ppi)
    • images of an entire hologram pattern and/or its separate parts
  • create a sequence of images in order to demonstrate a hologram in different illumination modes
  • capture holographic images using micro- and macrophotography techniques
  • optionally: visualization of covert laser readable images in holograms (Regula 2305)



  • Border control/immigration services
  • Customs authorities
  • Forensic departments
  • Court expertise
  • Law-enforcement agencies
  • Financial institutions
  • Other agencies and organizations authorized to check documents


Delivery Set


  • Visualizer of covert laser readable images in holograms Regula 2305
Example images



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