forensicGEM Universal DNA extraction chemistry kit
forensicGEM Universal DNA extraction chemistry kit

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MicroGEM's forensicGEM Universal kit provides effortless DNA extraction for forensic saliva, blood and tissue samples 


samples including:




Storage Card (FTA)


MicroGEM's forensicGEM Universal Kit provides users with a single tube solution for extracting DNA from a variety of forensically-relevant human samples.

To use your lab’s existing thermocycler or liquid handler, choose the forensicGEM Universal Kit, optimized to extract DNA from liquid saliva, buccal swabs, stains and storage cards. Hands-off, single tube, temperature-controlled processing makes it possible to extract DNA in very small volumes and protects the integrity of the sample.

This kit produces single-stranded DNA suitable for STR, PCR, qPCR, and whole genome amplification.

forensicGEM Universal kit utilizes MicroGEM’s novel thermophilic proteinase to offer a perfect solution for forensic sample processing where speed, sample size and sample integrity are critical.
Sample Types: saliva (liquid, swab, stains, storage card – FTA, cigarette butts), blood (liquid, swab, stains, storage card – FTA), & tissue (solid, hair)
Downstream applications: STR, PCR, qPCR
Key Advantages:
  • Single-Tube DNA extraction in less than 15 minutes
  • No need for inhibitory chemicals, such SDS, mercaptoethanol and DTT
  • No transfer steps - yield is maximized and opportunities for mistakes and
  • contamination are minimized
  • High DNA recovery – Minimal loss of nucleic acids during extraction
  • No magnetic beads – No spin-columns
  • Reduced handling protects the integrity of the sample
  • Flexibility - suitable for low-throughput to high-throughput extraction with a
  • single protocol
  • Easily automated using standard liquid handling solutions
  • Minimal plasticware required - Reduced waste and supply chain issues

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