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DFO/Ninhydrin/Indandione development cabinets

The Attestor Forensics NINcha cabinets offer a high performance climate chamber for developing fingerprints on porous and semi porous materials such as paper with chemical treatments of NIN, DFO and Indandione. Used extensively in most forensic laboratories throughout the UK and Europe and validated to ISO17025.

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NINcha P31 - Portable NIN/DFO/IND chamber

The Attestor Forensics NINcha P31 offers a portable system built within a waterproof peli case for developing fingerprints using Ninhydrin, DFO or Indandione.  The compact size makes the cabinet ideal for use in crime scene vehicles and remote locations.  

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DFO/Ninhydrin/Indandione test strips

The SEMA NIN/DFO/IND test strips provide a low cost and effective method of validating chemical effectiveness prior to starting the chemical fingerprint development process.

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Motorised Immersion Bath

The Voigtlander Forensics DFO / Ninhydrin / Indandione motorised immersion bath offers a portable bench top system with motorised control for the application of chemical treatment on to evidential material such as paper. 

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